Bring on the Fish.

You can’t win ’em all. Even if you are playing the Nationals. The big news was John Smoltz and his 3,000 strike out. Unfortunately the Braves lost, but it’s still amazing to watch number 29 hurl the ball. I keep waiting for his arm to wear out, but it looks as good as it ever has. Maybe the three seasons in the ‘pen is going to give his arm a little extra life in this last part of his career. Let’s hope so. If Smoltz and Huddy don’t stay healthy then the Braves are done. Word is that Hampton is primed to come back any time now, and that Moylen might be able to get by with some extra stretching and TLC, but if the Braves are using that approach as their first option, then things might go south in a hurry.


Tonight it’s the Fish. Hopefully we can take two and keep climbing the ladder on the number one spot in the East.




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