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1 is the lonliest number. And, Pt. 1 of To Boo or not to Boo.

Another game, another one run loss. The Braves are now 0-7 in one run games. Tex is only hitting .204, which is sure to change, but will his bat warm up in time? Surely, Chipper can’t hit .404 all season, or can he?


One more day until Andruw Jones makes his return to the Ted sporting Dodger blue. As Braves fans we have had some time to come to terms with the fact the the Braves now operate more along the lines of a mid-market team. Braves ownership hasn’t shown an ability (or maybe a willingness) to spend the money it takes to secure our better players or high profile free agents. This begs the question: should a loyal Braves fan boo Andruw Jones or Raphael Furcal? In the case of Andruw, the Braves didn’t even approach the table in terms on negotiation. Point: Andruw. Andruw is represented by Scott Boras, which means that the Braves probably saved a lot of time by not even pretending to bid for Jones. Point: Bravos. Andruw also had a terrible contract year, which really is the only year that a player absolutely has to perform in (just ask Javy Lopez). Point: Well no one really won on that one, did they? Anyway, is it unrealistic to think that the thought even crossed Andruw’s mind to take a little less and stay with the organization that brought him up and promoted him as one of the game greatest players, all the while his batting average and concentration were fluctuating more than a Tim Wakefield knuckleball? That’s probably a little naive.

One more to go in South Florida.