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Who’s on first? The first blog entry.

Well, the 2008 season is officially underway, and it looks like the Braves roster might be battling the same old demons from last year. The fact that injuries have started to affect the starting rotation and that the bullpen seems to be very hit-or-miss (more “hit” recently, unfortunately by opposing teams) but these issues aren’t that shocking or even completely unexpected. What’s unexpected is how quickly things have started to unravel. True, the Braves are at least staying in games, and being out of first place in the East is just a matter of a couple one run games going the other way. But if we (and I’m of the variety of fans that refers to his or her team as a collective “we”) can’t put the lid on close games, then it looks like it’ll be a repeat of last year with us trying to make up games down the stretch, games that we should have won in the first place.